Zirkamax connects buyers and sellers of property and invests directly in land, lots, and residential real estate.

We are a private real estate acquisition company; we buy land and houses fast, and we pay cash. If you have land, acreage, or a house you need to sell, we are interested in buying it.

Can you relate to any of the following?

•   We intended to retire in this area, but our plans changed, and now we feel stuck with this property.
•   I inherited property, but I have no intention of moving to the area and using it. I’d love to unload it and stop paying property taxes, but listing with an agent is a hassle (and didn’t work last time).
•  The agent who sold us the property promised the area would be developed soon, but nothing has happened.
•  I’ve just hung on to this property because I didn’t know what to do with it.
If you are considering selling your property, WE WANT TO BUY IT. We are not interested in listing your property for you; we actually want to buy your property NOW and are prepared to pay CASH for it.
If you would like to have cash in exchange for your property, please call us or send us a message here and an agent will contact you.
Let us help you be ready for NEXT!